Space Cadet - [Pretty Litty x Polar Blast]

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"Space Cadet" is a celestial-inspired design featuring iridescent glitter, color shift pigments, and a milky-way swirl. - It can be further customized with your name, and/or your astrological constellation if you'd like.

This is a customized 22oz stainless steel tumbler with a smoking attachment made by The Polar Blast. They come with a bowl piece for flower, but a quartz banger fits also, so you can use it with your current rig!

These are all made to order and take several full days to make, and then another few days to fully cure before shipping making the turnaround time on this item approximately one week. (However, depending on order volume, processing time on this item can be up to 3 weeks).

  *Already have a Litty Bong in a different design? You can order just the custom tumbler, and use the Polar Blast Lid Attachment that you already have!*