destigmatizing cannabis one pretty stoner at a time...

Welcome to Pretty Litty

If you're looking for unique, classic, fun and feminine handcrafted cannabis accessories you've come to the right place! Every item in this shop is delicately designed, diligently tested & created primarily in-studio in Southern California. Pretty Litty accessories aren't just pretty, they're functional & have options that fit your life, and your style. All collections are small batch, limited-run designs you won't find anywhere else.

-function & style-

elevate your sesh & vibe higher

📝A Note about Payments & Checkout🛒

Due to the nature of the items in this shop, Shopify payment are not accepted at checkout. You can use your card via PayPal Express Checkout, or split your payments by using Sezzle Pay.

(This shop advocates for the destigmatization of cannabis use, and hopefully once cannabis becomes legalized at the Federal level, small shops like mine will be able to process payments without the need to utilize external payment options. Until then, thank you for shopping small!)

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